Lessons of the Year: May's #SchoologyChat Recap

Lessons of the Year: May's #SchoologyChat Recap
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Lessons of the Year: May's #SchoologyChat Recap

Posted in Community | May 30, 2018

This May’s was filled with participants sharing things they’ve learned while using Schoology and what they plan to accomplish in the future. This chat was extremely lively, and we came out with some great information from community members, including what surprised them this year and advice to new users.

started off the night by getting a feel for what some of the goals were for this past year and if they were accomplished. This made for an easy transition into covering what was learned. took it over from here, and we were able to understand what did and didn't work.

By the end, the discussion became about goals for the new year. This generated some extremely thought provoking answers, ranging from more simple to more complex. This opened up the floor for educators to offer their expert advice and opinions to those newer to Schoology. The support and recommendations offered deserve to be shared with as many Schoology community members as possible. After all, these are the people using the platform day in and day out, and they know just how it feels to be new!

Thống kê xổ sốLastly, the chat ended with a shout out to a person or place that helped you improve your Schoology skills this year. Everyone was certainly feeling the love with this question!

Thống kê xổ sốCheck out some highlights from this month’s chat below:

Q1: What were your goals for using Schoology this year and did you attain those goals?




Q2: What went really well with your implementation of @Schoology this year?








Q3: F.A.I.L. (First Attempt In Learning) Share a learning opportunity you had using @Schoology this year.




Q4: What happened this year that surprised you while using @Schoology?






Q5: Looking ahead to next year, what's one new @Schoology goal you have?






Q6: What advice would you give to someone who is new to @Schoology?






Q7: Give a shoutout to the person, place or thing that helped you grow your @Schoology skillz this year!





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